Biggest Players in Social Media Platforms and How It Can Help Your Business

Almost all people today use social media to connect with the outside world. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin saw a tremendous upward trend, thanks to the advancement of technology and the rise of the internet. We also need to give these sites credit for creating their platforms. We all would never be in the same place without them for sure.

With that said, allow us to ask this question: Who’s the reigning king of social media platforms? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest social media sites this 2020 and its possible impact on our business venture.


Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Active Monthly Headcount: 2.45 Billion

Facebook is the tried and tested social media platform and is currently the largest platform in the world. Considering that, who would have thought that the biggest social media site all started at a campus. It turned out that it became one of the biggest investment success stories in recent times.

Since it is the largest platform in today’s market, business owners can use the site to their advantage. Sure, there are paid advertisements on Facebook, but you can have the same success without dropping a dime in ads.

Utilize the existing groups or possibly, create your own Facebook group where your target market flocks up. Start using Facebook Messenger chatbot so people can contact your business directly.


Founded: 2006

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Active Monthly Headcount: 330 million

This platform is made for speedy and interactive conversations with other people. However, if you are wise enough to utilize this platform for your business, you’ll be surprised to see how efficient Twitter can be for your investment.

Simply jump into popular threads with your target market and see your business goal smiles upon you. You can do this by sharing your business’s value, providing unique content, and personalizing your responses for that non-stop conversation with your potential buyers.


Founded: 2003

Headquarters: Mountain View, California

Active Monthly Headcount: 310 Million

LinkedIn might be the perfect social media platform for you if you are looking for corporate partners and mentorship. It is considered the biggest professional social media site in the world, and you’ll be surprised to see how many executive-level people use the platform to connect with each other.

Here’s a fun fact for you. More than 50% of total degree holders in American use LinkedIn. That means it is a fresh pond for anyone looking for a competent workforce for your business.

It may not be as fun and flashy as the rest of the social media platforms in this list, but we are sure your business will strive in this platform if you meet the right people for the job.


Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Active Monthly Headcount: 1 Billion

Instagram is a popular platform for younger generations, and that means if your target demographics are people under 35, this might be the perfect place to gain a massive audience. It is a social media heaven for visuals and eye-catching creativity, so product-based businesses may strive in this platform.

If you and your business are working on getting your credit score in the high greens, it might be best to utilize the shoppable post feature of the platform. That means you can close out a sale directly from your Instagram account.


Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Active Monthly Headcount: 360 Million

Snapchat is another platform that you can utilize if the younger generation is your target market. The average age of Snapchat users around the globe is around 13.

This social media platform is an excellent tool for influencers and user-generated content. That means if you want to try doing creative content for your investment, then this is the right platform for you.