Birthday Surprise: Cornish Seal Sanctuary Provides Giant Ice Fish Cake For Their Resident Seal’s 31st Birthday

Almost all humans look forward to their next birthday celebration. They receive a lot of gifts, appreciations, and a truckload of birthday messages. However, this seal from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary got a one of a kind present on his 31st Birthday– a giant ice fish cake!

Let’s see if his keeper burned a lot from his credit card balance to celebrate this sweet seal’s Birthday.

Yulelogs’ Backstory

Animal rescuers first encountered Yulelogs back in 1989 in the northern part of England. He was still a pup back then and received a lot of care and attention from his rescuers. He learned most of his skills from humans and had very little knowledge when it comes to the wild, which became a huge concern for people who looked after him while he was in the sanctuary.

After a while, the park where he resides decided to shut down their doors to the public and decided to release Yulelogs in the wild. Experts in the field of wildlife anticipated that he would struggle a bit because of his dependency on humans. However, they never thought that the problem would grow to a certain degree.

Struggles in the Wild

Yulelogs’ captivity had a tremendous effect on his survival in the wild. He became reliant on human care, and his ability to hunt his own food became pretty low.

After his release from the park, people from the RSPCA received many calls and complaints about a certain seal that chases down people with buckets along the beach line. People wondered that the seal (Yulelogs) thought the buckets contain fish snacks for him. Folks down there didn’t bother to hire a lawyer. However, they raised their concern about the condition of the seal.

Rescued, Again!

With the efforts of the townspeople, Yulelogs was rescued again. They found out that the dependency on humans took a huge toll on the domesticated seal. He was severely underweight at the time of rescue. In fact, he weighed around 60kg or 32lbs as opposed to the 250kg or 551lbs he got back then.

RSPCA officials tasked the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to find a new and permanent home for Yulelogs, and they did just that. Yulelogs currently resides at the sanctuary, and it seems like this place would be his home for a good amount of time.

After he returned, people used their credit cards to feed the lovely seal, and he slowly made a recovery and showed no signs of the difficult times he endured. He also celebrated his 31st Birthday alongside his trusted human friends, and they prepared a good surprise for Yulelogs– a fish cake made especially for him.

People are happy to see that Yulelogs is doing fine once again and far from any threats he may encounter in the wild. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary team is pleased with how well the birthday celebration went for their little friend. This also serves as a milestone for the team since male seals usually live for about 25 years on average in the wild.

We have to give credit to all the people that took care of our lovely seal, and we are looking forward to them to spread the awareness and the passion they have for wild animals like Yulelogs.

People’s Reception

The news about Yulelogs’ birthday celebration garnered a huge reaction from people. Almost all of them sent their regards and messages of love to the birthday celebrant. They also showed a lot of appreciation for the team that’s taking care of this beloved seal.