Food Trends Hype This 2020: Are They Healthy?

Healthy food trend this 2020? Let’s see what experts say about it.

Every decade, there’s always a huge trend when it comes to fashion and interest. The same rule even applies to the food that we eat. With that said, we saw a huge upward trend when it comes to healthy cravings this year, and it seems like this hype is here to stay.

Make sure you have your credit cards handy since we are about to take a leap on predicting the upcoming trend this 2020 and beyond. Let’s find out if they are healthy enough, like what the advertisements say.

Plant-Based Proteins

With the rise of social media influencers turning into vegans, we also saw a spike of people wanting to try a new and exciting way to eat meat. That’s where plant-based proteins kick in. We can see a bunch of benefits from consuming plant-based proteins not only in our body but also in the environment as well.

In the past few years, we saw many people turn their regular burger joint into a trendy investment by applying plant-based burgers. However, are they healthy for us? In terms of product sustainability, it is more stable than regular meat. When it comes to nutrition, experts say that it may be a bit healthier than their conventional counterparts.

They believe that these plant-based proteins undergo the same process as our regular processed meat. That means some of the cons we see from conventional meat would also be present in plant-based proteins.

Korean Delicacies

Korean culture took the world by storm. The traces of their influence can be tracked in fashion as well as the food we take. This 2020, we can only see an upward trend when it comes to the Korean food out in the market, and it is currently in a spot where it can influence the upcoming years beyond that.

Probably the most influential food in the selection would be kimchi. We saw many people use their credit cards to order kimchi online. However, can we tell how healthy this food is?

Some experts say kimchi and other fermented food are considered a treasure pot for probiotics. If you guys don’t know, probiotics are essential for our digestive system to function properly. It also provides a boost to the good bacteria found in your gut. That means kimchi receives an A+ in that regard.

Oat Milk

Oat Milk is a plant-based milk alternative that currently strives thanks to the attention it gets on social media. Like all other kinds of milk, it provides a good source of nutrition and is packed with all sorts of helpful vitamins.

Another clear benefit of consuming oat milk is the fact that oats are good companions for our hearts. It is considered a superfood for our heart and contains beta-glucans that help manage our cholesterol levels. It might save us a couple of dollars from any out of pocket expenses in our insurance packages, so we say the hype is real when it comes to oat milk.

Just a quick side note, compared to other plant-based milk alternatives, oat milk might have the lowest protein and fiber count. That means we need to find a better alternative source from the rest of our diet.


A recent Nielsen study showed that a huge percentage of millennials are trying to steer away from alcoholic drinks. One of the biggest reasons for the change of heart point towards their overall health status and another one would be the price. The latter surely makes their financial advisor happy.

That fact simply means these people are looking for an alternative buzz, and alcohol-free drinks kick in. With that effort in mind, people started making Mocktails.

Cutting down any alcohol in our body gives our system a break from any excess calories introduced by alcoholic drinks. However, if we are looking for mocktails as an alternative, we might want to monitor the sugar that comes with the mix.