Music Artists Reveal The True Message Behind Their Famous Hits

People say that hit songs are made with a whole lot of hearts coming from their songwriters. They could never be wrong about that. Songs portray emotions and the feelings of their singer. With that said, there’s a whole lot of different stories behind each lyric, and we’ll find out where exactly these songs came from.

Now, after we buy albums and songs online with our credit cards, we can have a good talk with our friends and brag about the story behind each line! Let’s get started.

Harry Styles and his Song Falling

We all know the humble beginning of the famous pop star Harry Styles. He first appeared on the music scene as a solo artist on a talent show. He got eliminated from the show early on but was brought back after forming the boy band One Direction.

After a few years in the limelight, Styles’ skills in songwriting grew to an astonishing degree. One of his recent songs, Falling, is a testament to his growing skills. In fact, he rounded up this song in just 20 minutes!

The Beatles and their Hit Single Hey Jude

Die-hard Beatles fans would surely know the story behind their popular song Hey Jude. However, for those who aren’t in the loop, here’s a quick trivia for you all.

After John Lennon and his first wife hired an attorney for their separation, their son, Julian, was a bit down. With that in mind, Paul McCartney wrote a song dedicated to Julian to make him feel better. That’s pretty much the start of the whole Hey Jude craze.

Lil Nas X and the Story Behind Old Town Road

Lil Nas X and his big-time hit Old Town Road started when he was still studying for a degree during his college years. He was scheduled to take his math class retake, but instead of going to school, he rode the moment and finished the song. He later put a suitable beat for his masterpiece, and that pretty much became the history behind his famous music.

John Legend’s Romantic “All of Me” Moment

John Legend, without a doubt, is one of the biggest music stars in the industry today. He cashed in numerous awards and accolades, on top of all the greens his financial advisor handles.

His biggest song to date, All of Me, was dedicated to his then-fiancé, Chrissy Teigen. His song talks about all the promises the singer-songwriter has for the love of his life, and the result? An overwhelming support from his followers, which made the whole song a phenomenal hit!

Taylor Swift’s “Death by a Thousand Cuts” was Inspired by the Netflix Show Someone Great.

The Netflix show Someone Great had a significant effect on Taylor Swift’s life. She admitted after seeing the show, she would imagine herself with the same scenario as the characters managed to endure.

After a few weeks of overthinking the movie in her mind, she wrote the song Death by a Thousand Cuts. She even mentioned in one of her interviews that Someone Great was the inspiration behind her hit song. The director and other teams behind the movie gave Swift a lot of credit for mentioning their work in front of her fans.

There are so many songs out there, so it is safe to say that there’s a whole bunch of stories behind the majority of them. We just need to listen carefully and learn to read between the lines. Or better yet, look up some of the interviews of our favorite celebrities. Chances are, we’ll be able to get the story behind their masterpiece.