Taking Arts To Another Level: How To Create An Image From Flocking Birds

People study art, and some even go to college searching for a degree in creating a masterpiece. However, there’s an unknown person who stepped it up and provided a work of art in collaboration with these flocking birds.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for us and let’s see the fantastic art the unknown person did on camera!

Art In A Whole New Level

Famous artists all over the world use all kinds of materials for their artwork. Some use pencil and paper, and others use colored brushes. Some even express their emotions in steel and wood carvings.

However, this artist used unconventional material for his one of a kind art. From the looks of things, the artist utilized thousands of birds, including chickens, pigeons, and even turkeys! From what we could gather, the artist doesn’t actually need to use his credit cards to order art materials for his grand masterpiece.

Stickman Doing “Kamehameha”

Surprisingly, this unusual artist lined up flocks of birds using what it looks like to be a bird feed. Chickens, turkeys, and pigeons weren’t able to resist the treat and followed the traces of the seeds thrown by the unknown artist.

After a few moments, an image of a stickman doing a “Kamehameha” appeared. The finished product received all sorts of reactions from people on social media.

The Artist Behind the Unusual Stickman

We have to give a massive shout out to all the artists out there that choose to remain behind the scenes and don’t take all the credits they deserve. These unsung heroes opted to become anonymous rather than live under the spotlight.

That’s the short description we could put toward the mysterious artist responsible for the viral and fantastic video. Though the person didn’t put up a name or something, this artist’s work is truly a one of a kind stuff.

How did this mysterious person do the unusual art? With the help of the seeds the artist purchased. All the birds followed the master plan of this mysterious artist. With that said, we can certainly agree that the whole video is just amazing to watch to a certain degree!

Eagle-eyed audiences even saw a couple of strange birds such as turkeys in the flocks. That simply signifies the level of authority this person has with the birds. Maybe this mysterious artist could also train these birds to fetch him some stuff in the grocery and use his credit cards to pay the bill?

People’s Reactions to the Unknown Artist

The video originally uploaded on social media platforms became an instant GIF hit both on Reddit¬†and Imgur. Just take a look at the social media post on the platform, and you’ll be surprised at how many views and upvotes it already received after only a few weeks.

A lot of them showed their appreciation with the effort this mysterious artist dumped to produce this one of a kind stickman sketch. Some users mentioned the level of effort brought to the table while others just simply said, “sick skills!”

Whatever the case maybe, the internet world and people on social media platforms appreciate all the things put into his simple yet ingenious work of art. Oh! By the way, the stickman he drew also shows a smile on his face. Now that’s something amusing!