Tinder Tales: The Worst Tinder Stories You’ll Find

People who are looking for a date usually go to Tinder. After all, there’s a lot of people out there that like to be accompanied by people who have common grounds with them. Most of the dates turned out fine, while others can be considered not so much.

From credit card issues all the way to the creepy and awkward getting-to-know stage., let’s take a look at some of the worst stories people shared with their Tinder dates.

Big Talker

A user shared one of her worst experiences after she met a guy from Tinder. The two of them went to watch a movie, but the guy kept talking about special effects and other aspects of the film. The worst part of all, he knew that the lady he was dating was someone who is looking for a bachelor’s degree in film. He even went on to say that film classes are considered a big joke.

During the movie, the guy tried to make his move towards the lady but got turned down hard a couple of times. After the movie night, he tried one last push, but the lady said goodbye to the guy and sped off her car.

Big Bag of Surprise

Social media is a mask to hide all of the nasty secrets you have– precisely what a Tinder user learned when she met a guy on the platform. At first, she thought that the guy she met in the park was really nice and the two of them would click. She described the guy as nice but possessed a weird large bag with him. She asked what’s inside the bag, but the guy said he would share his secrets with her at the right time.

After a couple of hours of spending time with each other’s company, the guy decided to share what’s inside his bag. They went behind a tree, and the guy revealed a ton of creepy stuffed monkeys he carried all over with him. She described the situation as pretty scary, and we are sure she installed a home security system right after the incident.

Looking Ahead for Their Future

A woman met a guy on Tinder who can be considered pretty weird by today’s standard. He was constantly cutting the lady off when she talked and put out a couple of random compliments along the way.

As their conversation went deeper, she asked the guy what’s his plan for the coming weeks. The guy answered and told her that he’d introduce her to his family. He even talked about his plans on getting a house for them in the near future. That guy was looking ahead and seemed like ready to throw a mortgage loan for their home anytime.

The one who wouldn’t get the hint

There’s another lady who had a normal date with a guy she met on Tinder. However, she decided not to see him again because she just did not like him. This story might spark your curiosity, but we’re here to share with you what really happened.

After the two dated, the guy kept texting the lady and asking her when she’d be back after the holidays. He kept sending numerous emotional texts to this girl, without realizing that she isn’t just interested in him. What more, he added her on all social media accounts. After not responding to all his messages, the lady was surprised when she received flowers at the school where she was teaching. The woman found this very creepy since she never told the guy about her workplace and personal life. Since then, this woman never used Tinder again.