Celebrities With Strange Hobbies

The time of celebrities is usually divided between rehearsals, shootings, voice lessons, and more. The same goes for athletes who have to exert effort in practicing and making sure they are at the top of their game. It is hard to imagine that they still have time for other activities because they probably just want to sleep during their downtime. But did you know that some of the famous celebrities and athletes still engage in hobbies and that some of these pastimes are considered as weird by many? Retired celebrities even have the time to put up their own businesses and investments. Pro athletes, on the other hand, often look to hobbies that are not usually associated with their sports, perhaps to break the routine they are already doing. The truth is that celebrity or not, we all need to have a hobby. Life can be boring, and the brain does not like boring. Mental stress can be dangerous in the long run, so even if others look at you with curious eyes while you play basketball in the middle of the forest, go for it.

Nicole Kidman Jumps Out Of Planes

The feeling of adrenaline running through your veins and the excitement that can be felt when you are doing something new and bold can make anyone ecstatic. To some, this is a natural high. Nicole Kidman is no exception because she has taken a liking to skydiving. True, jumping out of a plane, not fully knowing whether the parachute would deploy or not can make anyone’s heart beat faster.

The danger of skydiving seems to make Kidman really feel alive. Most importantly, through this sport, she has cultivated an optimistic attitude towards life that control herself even though she is afraid. She says that skydiving is the closest we humans can get to actually flying. The licensed skydiver even believes that every woman should try it at one point in their life as she finds the experience liberating. Well, it is definitely worth a try!

Leslie Mann Rides On A Single Wheel

Because the day of the carnival has long gone, with their entertainment value replaced now by the Internet and streaming services, people seldom see people using unicycles. But Leslie Mann has not given up on the skill. The actress, Hollywood’s queen of comedy also does well in unicycles. Many would not have had the chance to ride a unicycle properly, but Leslie taught herself tricks, including jumping off curbs and cycling backways.

She started cycling single wheels when she was ten, after getting a unicycle as a Christmas gift. She considers unicycling her best-hidden talent. The good thing is that she is not the only one who can, as Mark Ruffalo and James McAvoy can also ride the unicycle well. The skills are difficult to learn via online classes, so maybe the three of them can start teaching other celebrities so others can follow!

Mike Tyson Trains Pigeons

When Mike was young, he let a garbage man experience the power of his fists. The sanitation worker was guilty of throwing away Mike’s pigeon that had already died. People do not advocate violence in any way; it was just that Mike was filled with grief at that time and he felt like hitting the man. His passion for training pigeons goes back to his time in the projects, where he grew up.

So when he retired, it made sense to go back to the old hobby. Pigeon training served as his therapy growing up poor and bullied in Brooklyn. Now, he does it for fun, and because his love for pigeons didn’t waver a single degree now that he’s older. He can even afford to pay $20,000 for a rare breed of racing pigeons.

Sarah Sarandon’s Love for Ping Pong

Susan Sarandon’s hobby is also her business. It only made sense to transform her love for ping-pong into a profitable business venture. When not shooting films or fighting for political causes, Susan is keeping herself busy with SPIN, a ping-pong parlor that she founded. Susan says she loves ping-pong because it can be played at any level of sobriety and still be enjoyed.

Initially, it only had a branch in New York. Her dedication to the sport, however, gave birth to seven branches in the US and Canada. Using cash or credit cards, customers can also rent out a table and play Susan’s hobby, while also enjoying beers and food. Regardless of age and level, all are welcome to participate in the tournaments or leagues held here. Celebrities would also make appearances from time to time, including Susan, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Matthew McConaughey.

Nick Offerman Does Longtime Woodwork

When reality meets the screen, people see much more authenticity. Nick Offerman, star of Parks and Recreation is no stranger to trees and woods as he was a woodworking hobbyist even before his acting career in Parks and Recreation. He is so invested that he even hired a manager to manage the daily activities of his wood shop. There is nothing more inspiring for Nick than being surrounded by power tools, and music for him is the whirring of those circular saws.

He creates things out of wood with a strong enthusiasm. This is also written in his latest book “Good Clean Fun”. Safety has always been his priority, and he made sure that everyone in the wood shop understands the safety measures in place. Also, he did not mind the investment money he had to shell out for the expensive tools because he is able to sell his projects with a significant markup.

Shailene Woodley Makes Everything From Scratch

If you are eternally afraid of getting sick from all the preservatives in the food that you eat, it is perhaps best to make it a hobby and to make everything from scratch instead. In addition to her status as an actor and her eye-catching appearance, Divergent star Shailene Woodley showed great interest in making daily necessities by herself. She declared that DIY is absolutely a new and meaningful lifestyle.

In a talk show, she expressed her dislike for genetically modified organisms that she has instead resorted to foraging for her own food, herbs, toothpaste, face oils, cheese, medicine and so on. At one point, she even suggested that people eat clay. Also, she gathers water directly from mountain sources every month. Shailene says she is not vegan. Like Trash is for Tossers Lauren Singer, Shailene makes her own toothpaste, face oil, and body lotions. This not only helps create a sustainable living but also reduces the amount of garbage she throws out. Perhaps, she also takes steps to reduce her electricity consumption.

Penelope Cruz Collects Coat Hangers

If you have a closetful of clothes, you would, without a doubt, also own hundreds of coat hangers. But for Penelope Cruz, it is more than that. For this Oscar winner, she has a weird liking for coat hangers, so she collects them. Penelope keeps only the non-wire hangers and leaves wire hangers be. Rumor has it that she owns at least 500 coat hangers, which is not a surprise because Penelope is a well-known celebrity designer, outside her status as an actress.

Little is known about the collection as this actress is extremely private about her life. When the Australian magazine New Idea published a defamatory article about her short relationship with fellow star Tom Cruise, she had to bring in her lawyers. She agreed to settle the issue after the publication apologized, paid her legal fees, and donated $3,200 to a nominated charity.

Rod Stewart Builds Model Railways

Singing sensation Rod Stewart is known not only for his musical skills but also for his love for train sets. When in concerts, he usually brings his model train sets and even rents out a separate room for them. This is so he can play with them when he is stressed and during lulls in his tours. He is so into this hobby that Rod even made a film about his 100-foot model railway, a 1:87 scale of New York’s Grand Central Station.

Rod’s attention to detail was reflected in the 1,500 square foot model, from the roofing to the electrical wiring. He admitted that someone else worked on the electrical wiring, but 90% of the build was his. The singer’s passion for this activity started when he was a young boy. He was devastated when he asked his father for a railway set and was given a guitar instead.

Colin Farrell Enjoyed and Taught Line Dancing

Dancing has many benefits, including keeping your cardiovascular fitness in check. Before he became a well-known actor, Colin Farrell was into line dancing. He even taught line dancing. Pictures you can dig up online shows the actor complete with the outfit, a Stetson hat, big belt buckles, and sleeveless tops. His dance and groove are pretty evident, too. His line dancing skills were so excellent, he even thought of joining Boyzone when the band was being formed.

Unlike his serious image as an influential military leader in the film epic Alexander, Colin Farrell is fond of line dancing in life. He even sang Careless Whisper during one of the events for the band. How do people imagine Boyzone with Colin Farrell in it? It could be very different from what people know now. Certainly, Colin could add a different degree of flavor to it. But then again, they probably would not have Tigerland or The Beguiled.

Brad Pitt Makes Pottery

People cannot say that pottery is a lost art. Many classes are available for teaching modern people old technology such as pottery. Even Brad Pitt is engaged in sculpting pottery. What makes this even more interesting is that Brad has joined forces with Leonardo DiCaprio and they would stay up late engaged in the hobby. Now, boy’s night out can have a different meaning. Instead of drinking beer, the duo now shares life stories over clay and pottery-making equipment.

Brad is also into sculpting and for that, he even missed the 2017 Academy Awards because he was making a sculpture in British artist Thomas Houseago’s Frogtown studio. Audiences, astounded to hear Pete’s absence, suspected that his private life crisis could cause his no-show… Well, it is not a bad hobby. Others have actually followed suit, credits to these two for starting the trend.

Pierce Brosnan Eats Fire

The man certainly has many talents, from playing James Bond to fire-eating. He grew up experiencing a difficult childhood and he was also apparently bullied a lot. Because of this, he did not want to be ordinary, like engage in plumbing services, be a decorator, or something that he deemed common at that time.

So the future James Bond tried fire-eating after attending a workshop at the Oval House in 1969. He started performing on the streets, entertaining tourists. His excellent skills served as a stepping stone for him to join a circus. He stayed for three years before he trained to become an actor. His last fire-eating performance was in an episode of the Muppets in 1996. For sure, if we ask him to do it today, he can still do it, as it is a skill one will never forget.

Terry Crews Draws and Designs

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Sargent has many talents up his sleeve, just like real-life Terry Crews. What is hiding behind his massive body is a man drawn to the arts, drawing, and designing. Terry’s drawings were even selected to be published on the cover of Ad Age magazine. His love for drawing started when he saw Star Wars in 1977. Apart from drawing, he also designs furniture during his free time.

People can only wonder what the talented celebrity can’t do since he seems to be able to do everything. He is a brilliant actor and comedian, to boot. Terry was even named “person of the year” by Time magazine. What this tells us is that stereotypes should be avoided and credits are given to the many people who are multi-talented as they help make the world a little better through their craft.

Dick Costolo Loves Honeybees

After his stint as the top man for the tech giant Twitter, Dick Costolo shared that beekeeping has been keeping him busy. People know that bees are important for the ecosystem because of the studies that have come out warning that their extinction will mean the death of mankind as well. So Dick’s hobby is actually not only helping the environment, with pollination and all but is also helping man survive.

In an interview, he shared that he has a fascination for how the hive works and behaves depending on the changes in the season. He also finds the way they build the hive enthralling. He is very hands-on, and he does the honey harvesting himself. He might have made profits from selling the honey, which means that his investment money and time does not go to waste.

Paris Hilton Hunts Frogs and Repairs Old Radios

When people think of a hotel heiress, they usually think of someone who will engage in a lavish lifestyle. It is known that Paris Hilton has been trying to reinvent her image lately and portray herself as living a simple life. Did you know that Paris used to look forward to becoming a vet? Well, she did. Also, one hobby the media personality likes doing when at one of her ranches is hunting for frogs. She does not kill or eat them but just spends time with them. She later releases them.

Apart from hunting frogs, this hotel heiress also dabbles in electricity and electronics, by restoring vintage radios. There were also rumors that she tried getting a HAM license. That sure is interesting. Imagine Paris tired after a day of frog-hunting, engaging with fellow amateur radio enthusiasts while eating a farm-cooked dinner.

Richard Branson Is A Kite Surfer

Flying is something that has amazed mankind — ever since they saw birds surf the skies. Richard Branson is fascinated by kite-surfing. Kitesurfing, also named Kiteboarding, belongs to an extreme sport where the kiteboarder uses high-powered kites to fly in water or land. The Virgin group founder is an excellent kite-surfer. He even holds a Guinness World Record for kite-surfing with most people at once. He also owns an island, Necker Island, and this is where he learned how to kite-surf.

It is not a weird hobby, but since Richard is 70 years old, it is considered odd for his age. Most of those who are engaged in this sport are younger ones. But then again, who are we to judge and prevent anyone from having a hobby that they like? He just has to be careful and make sure his insurance premiums are all paid up as accidents can happen.

Mark Zuckerberg Hunts Wild Boars

People live in a world where some animals are given the same rights as human beings. So by that standard, hunting animals for pleasure is considered not acceptable. Mark Zuckerberg’s hobby involves hunting wild boar, which is already weird by itself. Even more bizarre is that he chooses to hunt them using a bow and arrow, like how Legolas in J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium would have done it.

It is as if we’ve been thrown back to the time of the Saxons. Lawyers will probably be involved if one of the rights groups get involved. But for the most part, the hobby is acceptable as long as the animals do not suffer and are not on the endangered species list. Plus, it would be cool to see the founder of Facebook aiming a bow and arrow at a boar, while probably riding a horse.

Caron Butler Is Obsessed With Chewing Straws

Usually, people have a mannerism they turn to when they become nervous. It could be tapping the flooring, or uncontrollably moving their hands. For Caron Butler, it is chewing straws. Maybe you can’t imagine hiding under such a powerful body is such a shy boy. But it is. He loves chewing on straws every time there is an NBA game. Many fans and even the NBA noticed this behavior. In the end, NBA executive vice president Stu Jackson phoned Caron and asked him to stop the habit.

Perhaps outside the court is okay, but according to the league, chewing straws during games is a hazard. Other basketball stars found it funny that the association was thinking of outlawing chewing straws that they poked fun at the management by chewing on straws as well. Well, we hope that no one gets involved in any sort of accident and the game continues.

Tiger Woods Is Skilled At Spearfishing

Golf is the sport of the rich because it costs a lot to be good at but it does not require much effort. It does, however, require careful planning and calculated moves. This is the exact opposite of spearfishing, a sport that can get nasty and messy. But Tiger apparently likes spearfishing. He has kept this a secret, but when he did not appear during the 2002 Western Open, reports suggested that he was not really sick, but that he was actually spearfishing.

When Tiger Woods celebrated his 42nd birthday, he posted photos on social platforms, which showed that he had harvested two big fish during this spearfishing trip. Spearfishing requires a lot of training because a speargun is not a weapon one can master quickly. A certain degree of care must also be exercised because it takes skill to maneuver underwater while hunting for non-endangered fish.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Crazy About Bingo

Cristiano Ronaldo loves practicing and exercising to make sure that he is fit for the next football match. But during his downtime, he also likes playing bingo. Apparently, the football star had developed a love for the game of bingo when he was a new talent for Manchester United in 2003. The Portuguese footballer claimed that playing bingo helped him learn English. He also said the game is exciting.

He was given the DVD version of the game as a gift for Christmas, and that got him hooked. The game also shows his patience because he can wait a long time for the right number to complete his card. To Cristiano, no hobby is too weird and he encourages younger people to take risks, go for their goals, buy a house, increase their credit score, and focus on the positive.

Robert Griffin III Collects Socks

Collecting socks as a hobby is not entirely weird. Quite a few of them will even buy a house specifically for their collection for storage. Many collect shoes or clothes. For Robert Griffin III, his obsession is with socks. It probably started because of him being a military brat where clean socks are golden to any soldier. With parents in the military, people think they contacted a moving company to move their things for them, including furniture and socks.

People guess that the habit of collecting started from there. Robert III has such an extensive collection that, according to him, he can wear a pair a day and not have to repeat wearing one for two months. Also, when he accepted the Heisman trophy back in 2011, he was seen sporting a pair of Superman socks with actual capes — this made the audience adore him.

Carey Price Loves Riding Horses

By nature athletes are competitive, and so it would not be surprising for Carey Price to be involved in a hobby that is also competitive. He is well known as an ice hockey goalie, but during his free time, he likes riding horses competitively. It is strange because, usually, those involved in sports have safety clauses in their contracts forbidding them from engaging in dangerous activities, and lawyers make sure that these clauses are inserted in the contract so that athletes are kept safe.

For such a hockey player with an estimated net worth of over $13 million in 2019, It seems quite natural that he should also be constrained by such a rule… But that does not exist in Carey Price’s agreements, he is on the contrary, free to do as he wishes, so long as he is not involved in any equestrian accident. His specialty is competitive team roping, and the goaltender has been competing in rodeos across Canada.

Rajon Rondo Is An Avid Roller Skater

Skater boys are rather popular among women — at least, that’s what skater boys often like to say. They like the idea of men engaging in a high adrenaline activity. So aside from playing basketball, Rajon Rondo is also an avid fan of roller skating. The tall basketball player says he finds himself in skating, where he can completely immerse himself in his own world.

This point guard had even displayed his roller skating skills during an event in Saugus back in 2008. He has a liking for those old-school four-wheel skates. The obsession with roller skating apparently started when he fell on the flooring of their house. He did his best to become an expert and has since then been taking every chance to roller skate. It is inspiring that he was able to turn a negative event into something that is positive and develop a skill in the process.

Calvin Murphy Was A Baton Twirling Championship Winner

People love that Calvin Murphy can do a lot of things with a basketball. When he retired from the NBA, he joined the Houston Rockets’ AT&T Sportsnet TV. But on top of being a retired basketball player, Calvin was also a national champion for baton twirling. Given his hard work in these basketball games, it’s a natural and Imaginable thing.

Yes, in 1963, the future basketball star won as an 8th grader. He went on to perform in major sporting events at the invitation of the organizers. He was champion for three years. He did not leave this hobby though during his elementary days. At the height of his career in basketball, he managed to win the Texas State Men’s Twirling Championship. Some might find this odd to a certain degree, but it is actually not, as both genders can do baton twirling.

Tom Selleck Sells Avocados

The Magnum P.I. lead character has taken to avocado farming as a hobby. He has been doing this for more than 30 years, and he has harvested thousands of kilos from his farm. During the height of his career, he purchased a ranch in California. He put in money so that his farm would become productive. He thinks that working outdoors is his way of decompression, and outdoor activities like clearing scrub or brambles are good for relaxation.

At one point, he was even sued for allegedly stealing water from a public hydrant to water his water-intensive avocado trees. His lawyers defended him, of course. But in an interview, Tom revealed that profits are hard to come by from selling avocados. What is surprising is that he does not even like eating avocados but is merely selling them. Tom recognizes they are healthy. We hope he makes more profits now that there is an avocado craze.

Fernando Alonso Loves Sports

It does not surprise us that Fernando “The Magic” Alonso plays various sports for his hobby. In several interviews, he revealed that he likes sports in general and would usually invite friends over to play basketball, football, and tennis. The racer’s knack for sports is not due to end yet as he sees himself racing cars until he chooses to close that chapter of his life. Now, Alonso is actively making preparations for his return to F1 in 2021.

He also serves as an inspiration to those who want to pursue a career in racing when he established a karting school. His school teaches the younger generation to be comfortable in a kart, as well as about road safety. Of course, when using high-powered vehicles where racers typically floor the gas to get ahead, road safety and defensive maneuvers are a must.

Liam Neeson Loves Fly Fishing

If a fish ever offends Liam Neeson, it can be sure that he would leave no river, or ocean unturned to take back what has been taken away from him. The beloved actor said that he has been enjoying fly fishing for some time now and had even completed five of the challenges in the program “Fly Fishing the World” — he raced to various places in the globe to search for the best spots and the best fish.

Liam considers fly fishing his escape from Hollywood and a way to reconnect with nature, away from electricity and civilization. He takes a two-month vacation every year to go fly fishing. At times, he would even bring his eldest son to fish with him — a perfect father-son bonding time. He has a fear of heights, so he revealed that his son would always fare better than him.

Johnny Depp Collects Barbies

If people are to stick with gender stereotypes, a woman should be the one collecting Barbie dolls and a man would generally have a collection of toy cars or train sets. But Johnny Depp is not someone you can keep glued to a gender role or stereotype. He started collecting Barbie dolls when he was playing with them with his daughter.

People might think it to be an unusual hobby, but Johnny says that he would like to pass them on to his grandchildren in the future. His collection might even become a family heirloom. Apart from Barbie dolls, he also has a collection of celebrity dolls, let alone limited edition dolls. The dolls also serve a practical purpose because he uses them when practicing for roles. He has played many weird roles and is constantly given credit for doing them fantastically.

Nicholas Hoult Knits On Set

This is another gender-bending hobby. People usually associate knitting with women, especially women of the Victorian era, where knitting and embroidering were required of the noble classes. But Nicholas Hoult has been addicted to this hobby that he even brings his knitting to movie sets like in Mad Max: Fury Road in 2012. In between takes, he would usually knit, and he was able to produce hats and scarves. Sometimes, he can weave two hats a day.

At one point, he had to stop. However, he would continue as the scenes became more demanding. People will probably be seeing Nicholas knitting when attending A-list parties in Hollywood because he finds knitting a good way to kill time, which brings calmness and relax. Even without a finance degree, we can already guess that his knitting masterpieces will command a high price later on.

Katy Perry Collects Other Celebrities’ Hair

People usually associate a lock of hair with either witchcraft or being so powerfully in love. Those two are extreme sides, and we can only speculate why Katy Perry would want to collect the hair of other celebrities. Is she a witch in hiding? She does know that her hobby is creepy, but that did not stop her from asking for a lock of hair from Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus in 2013 during the Grammys. She tied their hair with small bows and put them in her purse.

What is not certain is whether she has other celebrity hair in her collection, but so long as she is not hurting anyone, or pulling the hair directly from the heads of celebrities, there should be no problem. The actress also admitted to being a hoarder, to some degree, so that kind of explains why she likes holding onto things.

Angelina Jolie Collects Daggers

If you are a chef, you probably would have a wide range of knives at your disposal. But despite not being a chef, Angelina Jolie has a massive collection of knives and daggers. She said that her love for them started when she was a young girl, around 11 or 12. It is not a surprise that she also has a liking for action movie roles. She revealed that collecting daggers is like collecting history, and she can feel the traditional beauty of various cultures from different countries.

Collecting knives also adds to the mysterious woman appeal, drawing men to her. Well, some men might be afraid and intimidated that she has such a collection. Angelina has some impressive daggers from the Middle Ages and they are probably even pricey, like her butterfly knives. The actress also has a remarkable set of swords, and we hope she only uses them when home security fails.

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