Celebrities With Strange Hobbies

The time of celebrities is usually divided between rehearsals, shootings, voice lessons, and more. The same goes for athletes who have to exert effort in practicing and making sure they are at the top of their game. It is hard to imagine that they still have time for other activities because they probably just want to sleep during their downtime. But did you know that some of the famous celebrities and athletes still engage in hobbies and that some of these pastimes are considered as weird by many? Retired celebrities even have the time to put up their own businesses and investments. Pro athletes, on the other hand, often look to hobbies that are not usually associated with their sports, perhaps to break the routine they are already doing. The truth is that celebrity or not, we all need to have a hobby. Life can be boring, and the brain does not like boring. Mental stress can be dangerous in the long run, so even if others look at you with curious eyes while you play basketball in the middle of the forest, go for it.

Nicole Kidman Jumps Out Of Planes

The feeling of adrenaline running through your veins and the excitement that can be felt when you are doing something new and bold can make anyone ecstatic. To some, this is a natural high. Nicole Kidman is no exception because she has taken a liking to skydiving. True, jumping out of a plane, not fully knowing whether the parachute would deploy or not can make anyone’s heart beat faster.

The danger of skydiving seems to make Kidman really feel alive. Most importantly, through this sport, she has cultivated an optimistic attitude towards life that control herself even though she is afraid. She says that skydiving is the closest we humans can get to actually flying. The licensed skydiver even believes that every woman should try it at one point in their life as she finds the experience liberating. Well, it is definitely worth a try!