A Look Back at the Life of Celebrities Who Passed Away

The entertainment industry is filled with stars from all walks of life. Some have rags-to-riches stories, while others have reached stardom through perseverance and skills. Many of us look up to these celebrities not just because of their looks, but also because they inspire us in their own ways. From sports, to delivering news, to entertaining us on TV or in films, these celebrities have left a mark in our lives in their own special way. However, some celebrities were gone too soon, either due to accidents or their failing health.
We have recently said goodbye to stars like basketball legend Kobe Bryant, Hollywood A-lister Sean Connery, and more. The brilliance of these celebrities will not fade with age, even when they have passed away. We take comfort that we were lucky enough to see them in our midst and that we can share about their lives with the new generation. Here we will take a moment to remember celebrities who have made a mark in their respective industries before moving on to the next life.

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor rose to fame for her work in the Carry On films as well as the popular soap opera East Enders. She was loved not just in the UK but also in the United States especially after receiving a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress Doing A Musical. Though she did not make any more movies in the United States, she gave her all playing the part of Peggy Mitchell on EastEnders from 1994 to 2016. It was only when her illness set in that she retired from the entertainment industry.

Her personal life had its ups and downs, especially when it comes to her married life. However, Windsor stated that she did not want to think negatively. She preferred to focus on the highlights of her life and the fact that she got paid for her work. It is not surprising that her investments in her acting garnered her an impressive net worth. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 83 due to her disease.