Bibiana Fernández

Bibiana Fernández is also known as Bibi Andersen — or by her full name, Bibiana Manuela Fernández Chica. She is a Spanish actress, TV presenter, and model born on February 13, 1954. Among her most well-known performances include Rowing with the Wind, Law of Desire, and Matador. Her film debut would have to be in Vicente Aranda’s Cambio De Sexo after spending years performing various shows around Barcelona.

Fernández started receiving hormone therapy when she reached adulthood. She went under the knife and completed her transformation in 1991. Three years later, she completely changed her name to Bibiana.Did you know that she was previously married to Asdrúbal Ametller? Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted three years. With a lot of pushing from activists and help from lawyers, marriage for these kinds of couples became possible.After he became a regular figure on television, magazines and other media in Spain, the public was stunned by that beautiful and stunning woman.